Ruben Rey II


Best Buds Nursery, LLC

Ruben was born in Florida as a first child of 3 to US Air Force parents. Until the age of 5 he was stationed, along with his parents, in several different countries. Since age 5 he has remained in RI graduating Cranston High School East as a member of the National Honor Society continuing on to the University of Rhode Island as an Electrical Engineer. Ruben has held positions in a large variety of industries including being a server/bartender in restaurants, department manager for residential waste collection, sales/service in banking, owning/operating an MMA gym and most importantly general contracting specializing in carpentry and electrical. He spent 6 years as a Pro MMA fighter and as the head coach of Rukus Fighting Academy(RFA) fighting for some of the nations largest promotion companies such as ROC, CES, and Bellator. After injury forced him out of fighting he focused on building a small, marijuana patient based leasing/consulting company with long time friend and RFA member, Joe Palazio. The focus of the company was to finance, build and consult small grow operations for medical marijuana patients to give them an affordable option to provide themselves with the necessary medicine. After seeing the positive impact the medical marijuana industry was making they transitioned into a large scale facility providing medicine directly to both licensed dispensaries and patients. As the State of RI implemented licensed cultivations both Ruben and Joe opted to apply and obtain a licensed cultivation forming what is now Best Buds Nursery, LLC. 


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